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Zoe Schoenherr investigates how the materiality and structure of the built environment choreographs individual movement. This research draws upon ideas regarding co-dependence of the body in relation to space and architecture. Informed by her understanding and perception of gymnastics equipment, Schoenherr takes in account the precision of the minimal equipment, whereby the raw materiality enables and disenables specific movements. She then applies this understanding to how we may perceive and move in response to the built environment by thinking of place as a seamless series of equipment.

This analysis considers the body and building relationship as symbiotic, whilst contending with the imperfections of human movement. This happens in 'Untitled (Beam)' where the metal curve appears to sit awkwardly on the length of walnut wood. Grounded both by its anthropomorphic qualities and how manual movement reflects human movement, Schoenherr's artwork attempts to depict the perception of the familiar place and the changing perception of places we regularly interact.



Currently Zoe Schoenherr is a Leverhulme funded artist in residence at UCL civil engineering. Her project considers the individuality of perception and positions the haptic sense and awareness of the body in space, kinaesthetic above the visual sense. The architectural space that she is using as a framework for movement and as a reference point is a double decker bus. Her collaborative partners are Holly Thomas a visually impaired, Contact Improvisational dancer from Touch Down Dance, Kaajel Patel a dancer and artist, Dr Sara Adhitya urban designer with a background in architecture and music and Professor Nick Tyler of Civil Engineering and founder of Accessibility research group and PAMELA. PAMELA, Pedestrian Accessibility and Movement Environment Laboratory (PAMELA) is a UCL facility, which enables detailed studies of person-environment interactions and is where her research is taking place. http://zoeschoenherr.tumblr.com/


She graduated from Slade School of Art, UCL in 2012 after being awarded AHRC funding for her studies. Since graduating she has been an Artist-in-Residence in LA at 18th Street, funded by British Council for a nominated Residency in Doha, Qatar, for QatarUK 2013 and co-curated a large scale exhibition called 'Points of Contact'.

Recent exhibitions include, Katara, Qatar, The Foundry Gallery, London (Solo), APT Gallery, London and Kingsgate Gallery. She has presented artist talks at; Wimbledon College of Art, University of the Arts London, Biola University, LA, Katara, Qatar for QatarUK (British Council event), APT Gallery London (Arts Council funded) and University College London.